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How It Works

WriterGuard uses a process called document fingerprinting to distinguish your creative works from all others. Much like a human fingerprint, no two document fingerprints are the same. Each time you revise your creative work and submit it to WriterGuard, a new document fingerprint is added to your personal WriterGuard database. This creates an audit trail of compelling legal evidence that you are in fact the developer of the intellectual property. WriterGuard does not need to keep a copy of your document in order to protect it.

If I use WriterGuard do I need to copyright my creative works?
A federal copyright registration is the best protection you can have for a creative work - as long as the material is completely finished. But copyrighting an unfinished creative work can actually do more harm than good. This is because all copyrighted material becomes public record and your unfinished story may actually inspire someone else to develop a similar story for which you would have virtually no protection at all.

WriterGuard intellectual rights protection is an essential service that protects you while you're developing your creative works. The revision management features of WriterGuard help you establish a "Timeline of Development", which is paramount when dealing with copyright infringement disputes.

WriterGuard Features at a Glance

Intellectual Rights Protection
Creative Works Registry Yes
Intellectual Property Protection Yes
Irrefutable "Timeline of Development" Yes
Instant Registration Certificate Yes
Retrievable Registration Certificates Yes
Registration Wizard Yes
Registration Validation Tool Yes
Registration Expiration Never
Comprehensive Project and Revision Management
Manage Multiple Projects Yes
Project Organizer Yes
Revision Manager Yes
Project and Revision Archiving Yes
Personal Folders Manager Yes
Manual/Automatic Revision Numbering Yes
Quick Registration Tool Yes
Security Features
Document Fingerprint Protection Yes
Automatic Document Encryption Yes
Digital Rights Protection Seal Yes
Backup Protection and Document Retrieval
Encrypted Document Backup Protection Yes
SuperCrypt™ Backup Protection Yes
Instant Document Retrieval/Download Yes (No extra charges)
Maximum Document Size 20MB
First Registration FREE
Single Registration (no subscription required) $4.95 per registration
Single Registration Update (no subscription required) $3.95 per revision
Subscription Pricing Plans (see below)  
Plan Name Includes Fee
The Passbook
1 free registration & free account maintenance
The Lockbox
5 registrations per month
$4.95/month or $50/yr
The Safe
20 registrations per month
$9.95/month or $100/yr
The Depository
50 registrations per month
$14.95/month or $150/yr
The Vault
200 registrations per month
$19.95/month or $200/yr
Customer Support
Live Support Yes
Email Support Yes
Integrated Online Help System Yes

WriterGuard Quick FAQs

How does WriterGuard compare to WGA?
WriterGuard is a creative works registry and comprehensive intellectual rights protection system. Because of our "Timeline of Development", the legal protection that WriterGuard provides is far superior and our pricing structure is far more affordable.

How does Backup Protection work?
All WriterGuard subscriptions include optional document backup protection, which allows you to keep encrypted copies of your documents in the WriterGuard system in case you need to retrieve them later. Some registries charge additional fees for document retrieval, however WriterGuard allows you to retrieve your backup documents anytime without additional cost. And if you use WriterGuard backup protection, all of your submitted revisions are maintained, so you will have access to a comprehensive library of your revised works.

What is a Digital Rights Protection Seal?
Using WriterGuard, you can easily generate a graphic logo that you may place on your website to notify viewers that the content is protected by federal copyright and digitally registered with WriterGuard. When the graphic image is clicked, a notification window is displayed with an automatic validation of your content registration including an owner entity name that you can custom assign.

A friend told me to mail a certified copy of my creative work to myself. Does this work?
Any good copyright attorney will advise against this. The U.S. Postal Service is not an independent registry and makes no claims as to the authenticity of the material being mailed. WriterGuard, on the other hand, is an independent third-party with advanced technology capable of providing irrefutable proof of material submission date and content.

How long does my registration last?
WriterGuard does not impose time limits on registrations. Your registration is good as long as your account remains active. There is no fee to keep an account active in the WriterGuard system.

How do I know my documents are safe at WriterGuard?
WriterGuard guarantees the security of your documents. WriterGuard uses a completely automated system that doesn't allow any person to view your creative work. The submitted material is instantly fingerprinted and the original submission is destroyed automatically. If you choose to use our optional backup protection, your document will be encrypted at the time of submission making it impossible for anyone other than you to access it. WriterGuard systems are secured in a category five hurricane rated data center with 24 hour armed security. Moreover, WriterGuard is colocated on independent servers in secured cages and managed by our parent company Radix Corporation. We do NOT use shared, third-party managed or virtual server hosting platforms.



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