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Please take a moment to read this information about copyrights.
It will save you time and money.
FACT: The U.S. Library of Congress charges $45 for each copyright registration. You cannot obtain a legal copyright registration for less than $45.
Before you attempt to copyright your work, please look at the list below to determine if a copyright is what you really need:
You CAN copyright the following:
  Literary works (books, poems, stories, etc.)
  Musical works (music and lyrics)
  Dramatic works (plays, screenplays)
  Pantomimes and choreography
  Pictorial and sculpture (artwork, photographs, sculpture, drawings, etc.)
  Audiovisual (films, motions pictures, multimedia, etc.)
  Sound recordings (music, other sound recordings)

Architectural works  
You CANNOT copyright the following.
  Slogans, logos and titles (band names, product names, names of organizations)
  Ideas or inventions (Visit
  Domain names  
Are you ready to register for a copyright?
If you have determined that you need a copyright and you would like to register without legal assistance, please visit By registering with the U.S. Library of Congress directly, you can avoid paying extra fees charged by online copyright filing services.
Do I really need to get a U.S. Copyright Registration?
FACT: You do NOT have to file your work with the U.S. Copyright Office to obtain copyright protection. Federal law automatically provides copyright protection to all original works.
FACT: The only time that you MUST have a U.S. copyright registration, is if you intend to sue someone for copyright infringement. You can file for a copyright registration at ANY time.
Can I use WriterGuard to protect my work?
If you do not want to spend $45 per copyright registration, and you want to protect your work against copyright infringement, WriterGuard can help you for as little as $4.95.
WriterGuard provides irrefutable forensic evidence of the date, time and person who submitted the creative work. Evidence of authorship is the most important documentation you can provide when dealing with copyright infringement disputes and WriterGuard's "Timeline of Development" provides more compelling evidence than any other online registry service. Moreover, the affordable pricing allows you to protect your works without spending hundreds of dollars in copyright registration fees.
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