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WriterGuard was formed by a group consisting of legal copyright experts, cryptographic engineers and software architects to provide a secure online registry that enables independant creative artists to protect against copyright infringment at a reasonable price.

The WriterGuard concept was inspired by a literary agent inquiring about the security and effectiveness of existing online registries. Our parent company consulted with legal copyright experts who indicated that existing one-time registries offered little protection because they failed to establish a "Timeline of Development" for the author. As a result, WriterGuard implemented a comprehensive revision management system to facilitate recurring registrations during the writer's development process.

At the same time, our security experts found multiple vulnerabilities in the existing online registries. Some of these registries were hosted on shared platforms, which potentially allows outsiders to obtain access to the material submissions. In other cases, our experts found that the registries failed to implement strong encryption methods. To ensure complete security for our subscribers, WriterGuard implemented powerful encryption and security controls. As such, WriterGuard is the only digital registry that guarantees the safety and security of online registrations.


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